Mushroom Forage, Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Botanical Colors in Seattle, WA.

Photo by Kelly Turso.

Photo by Kelly Turso.

Curious about fungi? Have a love affair with color? Come join me in Seattle at Botanical Colors September 27-29, 2024 to combine your interests and explore the realm of color created from mushrooms. They have long been used as a source of natural color, yielding some of nature's most vibrant colors. In this workshop I will teach students how to identify and unlock the hidden colors within easy to identify wild mushrooms and transform them into dyes, pigments, paints and inks. LEARN MORE →

Photo by Micah Fischer courtesy of WildCraft Studio School.

Mycology & Color: A Chromatic Universe of Mushroom Dyes, Pigments, Paints & Inks

Workshop with Wildcraft Studio in Portland, OR.

Detailed crop of Mushroom Color Atlas Poster.

Mushroom Color Atlas Poster

Purchase this beautiful poster showcasing colors created from mushrooms.

BioColours 2024 Conference

Presentation panel about Biocolourant Authenticity, Palettes and Potential.